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In Conversation with Gillian Perrow, Rebecca's Mother


&M : What has surprised you most about motherhood or the journey towards it?

The strong bond of belonging that I didn't experience with my own family. The intensity of my feelings of protection, acceptance, pride and deep love and pride I have for my son and daughter even though they are both adults.


&M : What words of wisdom would you give your pre-motherhood self? 

Spend as much time possible being with your children in a playful joyful way when they are little and let them be themselves without being concerned about others opinions. Let them make mistakes, take risks. Realise how much they have to teach us with their ability to live in the moment, feel all their feelings, be honest.


&M : What has your journey so far taught you that continue to serve you well?

Let your daughters and sons be themselves, make their own mistakes and let them know that you will always be there to love and support them in a non judgemental way when they need you. Don't give advice unless asked, don't expect your children to be grateful, look after you or respect you, these things need to be earned.


&M : What are your future dreams and ambitions?

To continue embracing being older whilst not buying into the limiting belief of ageing. Continuing to learn and to be at peace with myself and others whilst supporting others on their journeys. Hold the thought and image of there being peace, equality, enough food, housing, safety and education for everyone in the World. Hold the thought and image of the earth being healed and replenished.


&M : What inspires you?

My son, daughter and grand daughter, extended family, nature, and people who have experienced great trauma in their lives and turned it around to become their strength.


&M : What has been your favourite motherhood memory so far?

Being my daughters birth partner at a home birth in a birthing pool. Firstly it was so precious that she trusted me to be in that role and that my son in law was ok with this. It was such an in the moment experience, full of laughter, tears, love, acceptance   I was in awe of my daughters strength resilience and commitment… The moment Betsy was born I felt like the world was filled with love, light and peace. Everything in the world was ok… I felt like that for days. 5 years on I am still deeply in love with my granddaughter, we really 'get' each other on a deep and playful level, the bond is very deep.


&M : Three words that capture your motherhood journey so far are ......? 

Inspiring, Strengthening, Love


&M : Can you complete the sentence ..What I love most about myself is ...... 

My resilience, willingness to learn, grow, change and support others on their journeys of growth and self love.


Gillian, Mother to Rebecca & Christian, Grandmother to Betsy aged 5. Director of a Wellbeing Centre. Relationship and Individual Counsellor.

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